Company Profile

TBC, Ban Chi Co., Ltd., was founded in 1989, and locates in Taipei, Taiwan. Its major business is in researching and exalting the quality of the LCD displays, which can be applied in industrial control equipment¡Btesting equipment¡BPOS equipment¡Bpublic guiding system¡Bentertainment machine¡Ketc . There are numerous TBC users in various countries and areas around the world.

The size series of the TBC LCD displays includes 6.4¡¨¡B8.4¡¨¡B10.4¡¨¡B12.1¡¨¡B15¡¨¡B17¡¨¡B19¡¨¡Ketc.; in addition, for industries with special requests, TBC offers customized display function interfaces and casings. For additional functions, TBC provides touch screen and multilayered protective glass.

  • Quality Policy
    With most competitive cost and shortest lead-time, to provide customers high product quality and service¡ÐThis is our adherence in quality and self-demanding.

    The LCD Monitor Production Department of Ban Chi Co., Ltd examines products with exact quality management and various testing equipments. Moreover, we constantly improve the production procedure to enhance the efficiency and capacity, to decrease the production cost, and to provide customers with real-time and competitive products and service, and then to achieve the win-win effects of obtain benefits with customers.
  • Green Products Development
    To reduce the strike against the environment, Ban Chi Co., Ltd keeps on improving and developing Green Products, and builds up a management system for harmful materials to ensure its development¡Bin-coming material and production procedures meets the rules of harmful material control. Meanwhile, Ban Chi Co., Ltd also requires its suppliers also need to accord the rules of Green Products control. All the components¡Braw materials and products are required to comply with the harmful material demands of RoHS, and the chemical material used in its production process also have to comply with the prohibition principles of RoHs.
As a perspective, with continuous strong team spirit, TBC will devote to research for the best quality to face the high competitive international business. TBC will offer integrity service for widespread users and build up a public praise for excellent quality to reach the final goal of sustainable operating.